Your Songs

If I have you then I have everythingIn One, and that One nothing of them allNor all compunded, and within the wallBeneath the tower I wait to hear you sing:Love breathing low above the breast of Spring,Pressing her heart with baby heart and smallFrom baby lips love-syllables lets fallAnd strokes with gentle hand her quivering … Read more Your Songs

The Spark

Because I used to shunDeath and the mouth of hellAnd count my battle wonIf I should see the sunThe blood and smoke dispel, Because I used to prayThat living I might seeThe dawning light of daySet me upon my wayAnd from my fetters free, Because I used to seekYour answer to my prayerAnd that your … Read more The Spark

The Vigil of Love

Illa cantat: nos tacemus: quando ver venit meum?Quando fiam uti chelidon, ut tacere desinam?Perdidi Musam tacendo, nec me Phoebus repicit.Sic Amyclas, cum tacerent, redidit silentium.Cras amet qui nunquam amaviet: quique amavit cras amet. She sings, but we are silent: when shall SpringOf mine come to me? I as the swallow makeMe vocal, and this desolate … Read more The Vigil of Love

The Lions

Her hair’s the canopy of heaven,Her eyes the pools of healing are,Her words wild prophecies whose sevenThunders resound from star to star. Her hands and feet are jewels fineWrought for the edifice of all grace,Her breath inebriates like wine —The blinding beauty of her face Is lovelier than the primal lightAnd holds her lover’s pride … Read more The Lions