The Living Wire

I thought I’d never hear your tongueAgain in this dead world of shameAs once when heart and world were youngAnd then — you spoke my name. The barriers of space were spreadWidely between us, when a shaftOf driven lightning broke their dread,Leaping — and you had laughed. The harp-strings in the house of goldVibrate when … Read more The Living Wire

In the Wilderness

Gaunt windy moons bedraggled in the duskHave drifted by and withered in their shame,Noses for truffles with unwhetted tusk;A sickening scent of civet and of muskHas clogged the nostrils of the Hound of Fame —But flickering stars are blown to vivid flameWhen leaps your beauty from its blazing husk. Blossom of burning solitude! High thingsAre … Read more In the Wilderness

The Cloud

I do not know how you can shunHis sight who sees himself a clodWhose blindness still outstares the sunAnd gazes on the hidden God. I do not know how you can hateA heart so set about with fire,A sword so linked with heavy fateAnd broken with unknown desire. I see your eyes with glory blazeAnd … Read more The Cloud


I am the Seer: for in you I seeThe fair unfolding of a secret flower,The pomp and pageant of eternal power,The crown and pride of your high destiny.I am the Prophet: this your prophecy —Your deeds and Heaven’s fill the echoing hour,The Splendour of all splendours for your dowerIs given, a witness of the things … Read more Aaron

No Song

I loose the secrets of my soulAnd mint my heart to heavy wordsLest you should need to ask a doleOf singing from the winds and birds —You will not heed nor bear my soul. I coin again a greater sumOf silence, and you will not heed:The fallow spaces call you “Come,The season’s ripe to sow … Read more No Song


Our lips can only stammer, yet we chantHigh things of God. We do not hope to praiseThe splendour and the glory of his ways,Nor light up Heaven with our low descant:But we will follow thee, his hierophantFilling with secret canticles the daysTo shadow forth in symbols for their gazeWhat crowns and thrones await his militant. … Read more Initiation

The Mask

What have I dared to claimThat you should thus deny?If I have used your nameMy songs to beautifyMine is the greater fame. And I have ever soughtBut to proclaim your praise,I have regarded naughtWhen wandering by your waysBut truth, my only thought. What favour did I askThat might constrain your heartOr heavier make your task?But … Read more The Mask

The Living Temple

 Covenant! O Temple! O frail prideOf God’s high glory! Set your snowy feetOn the Red Mountain, while the pinions beatOf proximate apocalypse. UncriedHalloos of havoc, prophecies deniedFulfilment till the Dawn of Wonder, fleetIn songs precursive down the glittering streetWhere dripped the blood from wounded brows and side. And you must walk the mountain tops where … Read more The Living Temple

Your Fear

I try to blameWhen from your eyes the battle-flameLeaps: when cleaves my speech the spearFor fear lest I should speak your name: Your name that’s knownBut to your heart, your fear has flownTo mine: you’ve heard not any bird,No wings have stirred save yours alone. Alone your wingsHave fluttered: half-forgotten thingsCome crowding home into your … Read more Your Fear

Die Taube

To-day when I beheld you all aloneAnd might have stayed to speak, the watchful loveLeapt up within my heart — then quick to proveNew strength, the fruit of sorrow you have sownSank in my stormy bosom like a stoneNor dared to rise on flaming plumes abovePassionless winds, till you, O shining doveFar from the range … Read more Die Taube